Creative Body Art with Jenna

Finally after thinking for the first time of this project at the beginning of the year and after some investment in new gear I got to post my work that I love to do when it comes to creating new things!

Don’t get me wrong I love using my cameras for wedding, portrait etc… but I love even more to create my images and I try to be unique in my style.

Enjoy those images and please contact me if you would like your picture to become a colourful piece of Art printed on canvas or metal print to show off in your house and surprise your friends.

Model: Jenna Howard

” I absolutely love these Bertrand ! Had so much fun working with you and was amazed at how comfortable and confident you made me feel even in doing such an exposing shoot. Thank you for making me look good haha these are beautiful:)! Congrats and fingers crossed for the competition! ” Jenna.

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  1. Superbe l’art vivant avec la lumière, composition sublime, bravo Bertrand du très bon travail merci a Jenna pour ses poses Bernard

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