Photography is more than just taking pictures

It is the art of capturing moments, feelings, dreams and ideas. It says a lot about who you are as much as it does about the subject and/or photographer. And that’s what I offer you as my client – a celebration of you, what you value and cherish, the people in your life, your precious and unique moments.

With Photo Sublime you will get artistically created photographs that will tell your story and hold the memory that makes you feel incredibly proud and happy each time you look at them.

Why choose Photo Sublime?


Photos are taken by people doing a job, but memories are captured by people who are passionate about photography.

Attention to Detail

From the slightest blur to the way the light falls on a subject, great care is taken to deliver quality results that surpass your expectations.

Professional Attitude

Work with someone who’ll be there when they say they’ll be there and communicate with you to ensure your needs and requirements are understood and met.

What Others Say

  • Creative Body Art with Natasha

    “Thank you Bertrand for my creative body art photo shoot. The experience was amazing and liberating!! You made me feel so incredibly comfortable as this was something i had never done before. The style of photography also means that you dont feel exposed under an array of bright lights. Thank you so much for timeless ...
  • Mel and Terry’s wedding

    ” We cannot thank you enough Bertrand. Much like it was for Mel and I it was an intense and long day for you and Milena as well and to still be working tirelessly after nearly 12 hours words cannot express our gratitude for what you have done for us. Through out the day Mel ...
  • Fitness shoot with Alanna

    ” Love your work Bertrand Schmitt. You certainly captured the beast of me lol, a very enjoyable afternoon of shooting. Makes a huge difference when you love what you do! Thank you so much .”
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