Wedding Photography

It goes without saying that your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll expect to look back someday and be able to relive those moments.

Great care should be taken to ensure great images are taken that not only look good, but more importantly tell a story – your story – conveying the feelings lived that day.

I’d be honoured to capture that special day for you as your wedding photographer and would apply my creativity, passion and experience to achieve the results you desire.


Final Touches


Newly Weds Embracing

Couple between two palms

The Happy Couple

IMG_0353 copy

Stitched Panorama

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0E1A2240 copy

0E1A1305 copy

IMG_1291 copy

IMG_1182 copy

IMG_0651 copy

IMG_1138 copy

IMG_1505 copy